Computer & Office Room Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioning & Spot Cooling Solutions

Delivering the highest cooling capacity possible from a standard 115V power source, the Office Pro 18 portable air conditioner acts as a computer room air conditioner to help companies cool their heat-sensitive office systems and protect against the loss of data. The Office Pro 18 features easy-to-use programmable controls that allow automatic operation after-hours or during weekends when heat can cause damage to expensive office equipment. In addition, the unit may be configured to allow dehumidification as well as cooling, making water damage restoration quick and easy.

The Office Pro 18 makes spot cooling solutions a breeze through its self-contained, portable design. No costly installation is necessary because the Office Pro 18 portable air conditioning unit can simply be wheeled in, plugged into a standard 115V power source, and switched on to instantly provide up to 16,800 Btu/hr. To learn more about this product, please see the available downloads or contact us with any questions.


MovinCool PRO 018 Specifications

Electronic Features
Control Panel
Thermostat Control Electronic
Cooling Capacity
Rating Conditions: 95F at 60% RH
16,800 Btu/h
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage Requirement
1 Phase, 115V
Total Power Consumption 1.7 kW
Current Consumption 15.6 amps
Recommended Fuse Size 20 amps
NEMA Plug Configuration 5 – 20
Min. Max. Voltage 105 – 125
Motor Output
0.24/0.17 kW
Fan Type
Max.Air Flow high/low 540/500 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure 0.31 IWG
Fan Type
Max.Air Flow high/low 770/710 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure 0.23 IWG
Hermetic Rotary
Output 1.16 kW
1.63 lb
W x D x H
21 x 27 x 44 in
Net Weight/Shipping Weight
170/201 lb
Power Cord
12 AWG (3- core)
Length 10 ft
Condensate Tank Capacity
5 gal
Operating Conditions
Min. Max. (@ 50% RH)
Max. Duct Length
Per Cold Duct Hose
25 ft
Hot Duct Hose 100 ft
Max. Sound Level
With Condenser – Duct high/low
61/59 dB(A)
Without Condenser – Duct high/low 62/60 dB(A)